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Dads Like Cookies Too!

These will be available just in time for dad's day! Please check back

Chef Val was talking with an appliance repair man (DON'T ask about the 'oven fiasco') when he said "what about the guys? "We like cookies too"! When the oven was fixed Chef Val offered him a beer and a conversation started about 'beer cookies'...WHY NOT?! We thought we'd create a delicious and fun cookies for dads (ok...moms too) that highlights (not downplays) the BREWERS YEAST used in our lactation products. After several failed attempts (beer taste too weak, 'funky' taste, too bitter, we found a recipe using a DOUBLE IBP "Daddy's Juice Box" (not associated with C4M) and found the right balance of yeast, hoppy taste, and sweetness (not too sweet). Check out our chocolate Stout and our Whiskey cookies & as always, watch for something new to come along! These are not designed to stimulate milk production, as they do not contain the propriety ingredients (aka galactagogues).

Does this cookie contain alcohol? No, the alcohol is baked off leaving just a subtle beer flavor, so it's perfectly ok and safe for nursing moms. Cheers!

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