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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, nor are they intended to treat, cure, diagnose any medical issue. This information is not intended as a substitute for advice from your doctor or health care professionals. There are many causes of low milk supply, result may vary from mom to mom.


E-Gift Certificates Available - A perfect gift for a new mom

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Nice Stuff People Say About Us!

"Thank you so much Cookies4milk, I was so stressed out after coming home from the hospital only to realize that I was not producing any milk for my little girl. after a friend recommended your cookies, I placed my first order. In just a few days my milk supply doubled! THE COOKIES ARE SO AWESOME!!!"
-Jessica Dallas, TX  first time mom to baby girl

"First off, thank you so much for this experience. I love what you are doing! Ok, so far I have seen a little improvement. Normally, my supply seems to decrease as the day goes on and each day around 4-5, I've been pumping more than I usually have. Honestly, I'm wondering if I'm not seeing a HUGE increase because I'm 5 months postpartum. I wish I had tried something like this around 6 weeks or 2 months but I didn't know what I didn't know if that make sense. But overall I have seen a difference.

Overall, these cookies are AMAZING.

1. the taste - unreal. These are SO good.

2. experience - opening this box felt like I was opening a gift for myself and, when having a baby, there's not a lot of "me" time those first few months so this is a real treat.

3. convenience - there's no time for anything those first few months so being able to grab something at any hour that can boost calories and have these ingredients is a game changer!!"

Kristen - mom to Anna Rose/first time mom with preemie

"I'm writing on behalf of my wife to say 'thank you' so much! Seriously, THANK YOU! It was painful to watch my wife struggle and cry (she thought she was 'failing' our new baby girl). Her tears made me cry - (ok, maybe I shouldn't admit that).


After a few days of your amazing cookies, it was like a new lease-on-life! Everyone was happy. I must admit I indulged in more than a few cookies myself; for the baby of course! Thank you for the reassurance that I wouldn't start lactating! ha.  We loved the chocolate chip with pecans, both the cookies & the jar of dough. Thank you again."

David - first time dad/baby girl Aubrey Davida

"Just popping in to say that Val delivered some dairy-free ice box cookies to me and not only were they delicious, but I definitely saw a boom in production!!! Also, her packaging is stinking adorable and so fun to open." - E.M.M. 

"Y'all. Huge shoutout to Val for this care package of samples of her cookies while I'm over here balling my eyes out because my poor baby is miserable. First of all, all of them were delicious and I can't wait to order more! Secondly I noticed my baby was chugging away breastfeeding! I can't want to see what more of these cookies will do to my milk supply while we have this formula shortage I've been PARANOID."  B.T. 

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Mother and Baby on Floor

"I just tried one. OH MY GOODNESS! These are FANTASTIC!!! Thank you again!!! I'll definitely be ordering more soon!"  - N. H. 

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"I've just eaten the best cookie ever! Far better than crumble! its like opening a little present! You package them so beautifully! I'm saving the box!" - C. M. - mom of 4

"Yesterday I was able to pump 3 ounces which I know is not much but it's a lot for me! I was getting about 1-1.5 ounces last week. So I"m hoping these cookies are moving me in the right direction!!

Just want to take a minute to rave on Valerie and her cookies! I reached out to her due to struggling to keep my milk supply up for my 5 week old baby. I'm a first time mom and had no idea the struggles! Val responded quickly and was so sweet. I live close so she was able to hand deliver her cookies within a couple of days! The cookies are goooood y'all! I would eat them even without needing them! The lemon blueberry are my fav. -
P.B.  first-time (NICU) mom 

"I tried the chocolate coconut ones and they are amazing so good! I have passed a card to a friend of mine and if you don't mind me making a post on the group about them? They worked for me I pumped an extra 3 oz on each side - magic cookies right there. I definitely will be getting more from you to support you. Amazing thanks so much! " E. Mc 

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